Violent Crimes in Will County

Defense of Violent Crime Charges in Will County

Violent Crime covers a large area of misdemeanors and felony offenses. Many violent crime charges can be devastating to your future, especially if you are a repeat offender. To minimize the impact these charges have on your life, the best option is a professional legal defense and it is imperative that you contact an experienced Will County criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

Aggressive Defense of Criminal Charges in Will County

Listed below are several links for information on relevant practice areas covered by Will County criminal defense attorney Michael Schmiege. They cover aspects like charges, penalties, extenuating consequences, and possible legal defenses. It is always smart to familiarize yourself on any charge that has been directed at you. Understanding the basics of your situation, however, will not function as a proper substitute for qualified legal counsel. If you are under investigation or have been charged with any of the following offenses, contact Will County Criminal lawyer Michael Schmiege immediately to provide your rights and future with proper protection.


Domestic Battery

Aggravated Domestic Battery

Gps Ankle Bracelet

How To Beat Your Domestic Battery Case

Order Of Protection

Emergency Order Of Protection

Violations Of Order Of Protection

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Battery

Aggravated Battery To A Police Officer


Aggravated Robbery

Armed Robbery

Home Invasion

Attempted Murder


Reckless Homicide

Self Defense


Second-Degree Murder

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