Credit Card Fraud Charges, Penalties, and Criminal Defenses in DuPage County

Overview of Credit Card Fraud Charges in Illinois

There are many ways to commit credit card fraud. No matter what method is used, the state of Illinois takes the activity seriously. Not only are there steep legal consequences, advances in technology allows for law enforcement and credit card companies to root out offenders with greater and greater ease.

Possible ways to commit credit card fraud include:

  • Providing false information in order to obtain a credit or debit card
  • Possession of another individual’s credit or debit card without permission and with the intent to make use of it, whether by making charges or selling to another
  • Finding and keeping a lost debit or credit card while intending to use it
  • Selling or buying a credit or debit card without the issuer’s consent
  • Using someone else’s credit card as collateral, for example with a debt
  • Using a counterfeit, forged, expired, or unissued card
  • Using a credit card or debit card to defraud someone

Penalties and Sentences for Credit Card Fraud in Illinois

The majority of credit card fraud convictions are Class 4 felonies. In some cases, the outcome is somewhat less serious Class A misdemeanor. Class 4 felonies can result in up to 3 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000, in addition to restitution for the total amount of stolen goods and/or money.

Apart from these consequences, a felony on your record will undoubtedly have long-lasting consequences for your life. It will make finding employment, gaining further education, renting an apartment, and adopting a child far more difficult. Keeping your record as clean as possible is paramount to your future success. If your future is in jeopardy, the best course of action is always to hire a qualified and experienced lawyer.

Criminal Lawyers and Defense Strategies for Credit Card Fraud Charges

There are a number of viable defenses that may be applicable to your case. We can argue for ignorance or lack of knowledge, abandonment of criminal purpose, duress or compulsion, and even entrapment. Additionally, police often make mistakes while gathering evidence against an offender, in which case the missteps can be leveraged in your favor and potentially have the case thrown out entirely.

Whether you are the subject of an investigation or have already been charged with credit card fraud, it is essential that you get in contact with our law firm as soon as possible. The fresher the details of your case are in your memory, the better chance you have of building a powerful defense on your behalf. Do not hesitate to get in touch for the sake of your future.

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