Internet Crimes in Will County

The Current State of Internet Crime Legislation

Many individuals are misinformed concerning internet crime, which is sometimes called cyber crime or computer crime. Some people take risks online, believing themselves to anonymous and therefore unable to be charged.

It is true that numerous individuals are capable of misleading authorities with false IP addresses, aliases, and other tactics. Consequently, it can be difficult for prosecutors to adequately demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that a charged individual is indeed guilty. The law also requires significant evidence of guilt in order to prevent innocent individuals from being falsely accused and convicted. What’s more, cyber technology is developing rapidly. The pace is often too quick for legislative bodies to maintain.

The state of Illinois has responded to this state of events in kind. The state Attorney General’s office has created theHigh Tech Crimes and Internet Safety division. Its sole purpose is the investigation of internet crime in the state of Illinois. It has a special task force of prosecutors dedicated to convicting cyber criminals. They are known for their aggressive pursuit and prosecution and therefore it is imperative that you hire an experienced Will County criminal defense attorney to fight your internet crimes charges.

Types of Internet Crime in Illinois

Illinois computer crime laws differentiate between misdemeanor computer crimes and felony computer crimes. An example misdemeanor is sending spam, while an example felony is large scale online fraud.

Internet crimes are commonly one of three types. Usually they involve sex crimes against a minor (child pornography), identity theft (using someone’s name or social security number to impersonate them), or internet fraud (typically misrepresenting yourself in order to steal money).

Will County Criminal Attorney Michael Schmiege specializes in several forms of internet crime, including:

Computer Hacking

Credit Card Fraud

Cyber Fraud

Distribution of Illegal Material

Identity Theft


If you or someone you know has been charged with one of the above internet crimes, or if you are under investigation, continue reading and contact us as soon as possible. Often individuals attempt to improve their situation by themselves, but only worsen their future through rash or uninformed actions.

Criminal Defense Against Internet Crime Charges in Will County, Illinois

The difficulty of properly prosecuting cyber criminals has led the office of the Illinois Attorney General to respond aggressively. Because of the nature of computer crime, it carries a greater likelihood of false accusations. If you have been wrongly charged, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced attorney today. Time is a major factor when it comes to securing the best possible outcome for your case. Prosecutors will mount a swift and assertive case against you as part of a larger battle against the rise of cyber crime. When you hire us, it becomes our job to prioritize your freedom.

In other cases, some individuals do not realize they have committed a crime. Indeed, there are certain areas of the law that are less black and white than others. What one person may consider a threatening message, another person may simply consider to be an expression of free speech. In this kind of situation and many others, it is important to take an aggressive and knowledgeable approach.

Aggressive Criminal Defense for your Internet Crimes in Will County

Whatever your exact situation, if you have been charged with an internet crime or are currently under investigation, there is no substitute for an experienced and careful-planned defense by a professional lawyer. Otherwise you put your future in jeopardy.

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