Possession of Synthetic Marijuana in Will County

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Illinois has imposed some of the most severe penalties in the United States for drug crimes. Accordingly, all drug crimes cases should be handled with great caution and expertise. The state imposes particularly costly fines and lengthy prison sentences with express interest in removing offenders from society. Read the information below carefully and contact one of our skilled drug defense  lawyers to ensure you have an aggressive defense for your synthetic marijuana case.

Possession of Synthetic Marijuana Charges and Penalties

Synthetic marijuana, also known as “Spice” or “K2”, has emerged in recent years as an alternative to organic marijuana. All manner of chemicals are incorporated in the substance, leading to serious side effects, including seizures, hallucinations, psychotic episodes, and even death.

Chicago was the first major US city to punish retailers that sell synthetic drugs, often disguised as potpourri or incense. In response, manufacturers continually produced new products with variant strains in order to stay ahead of the law. The Food & Drug Administration has listed synthetic marijuana as a controlled substance. To help prevent any sidestepping of the law, Chicago and Illinois have passed legislation that bans synthetic drugs under broad terms, “whether described as tobacco, potpourri, herbs, incense, spice, aromatic, or any combination thereof”. Synthetic marijuana has been classified in the same category as organic marijuana and illegal bath salts. In other words, despite what many still think, possession or sale of synthetic marijuana is illegal.

Synthetic Marijuana Charges in Will County

While that comes as a surprise to many—in fact, the policy is so new that some drug stores continue to sell the substance—it will not acquit you of charges. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, even if you purchased synthetic marijuana from a reputable convenience store. If your business is caught selling synthetic marijuana, you are liable to serious felony charges and it is important that you have a qualified drug defense lawyer to represent you. Every day that a retailer sells the substance is considered a separate offense, and daily fines ranging between $500-$1000 can stack up indefinitely.

At present, the wide variety of strains used in synthetic drugs is causing difficulty for courts. It isn’t necessarily illegal to sell something that gets you high. The substance must be banned by law. Accordingly, when dealing with a chemical makeup that has not yet been categorized under the law, judges must determine whether the synthetic compound bears adequate similarity to an illicit substance. Otherwise, there is no precedent for conviction. This state of affairs causes disparity across courts, and sentences can vary widely for possession of the same synthetic compound. For this reason, it is important that you enlist the expertise of an attorney that understands the subtleties of the current legal climate.

Illinois Drug Crime Lawyers in Will County

As with all drug crimes in Illinois, the consequences can be harsh. If you have been arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana charges, it is important you take these charges seriously. Appealing to ignorance or the recent implementation of the law will not serve as a reliable defense. In some cases, however, police search and seize property illegally. A knowledgeable attorney can examine the details of your case and possibly have the charges thrown out. To secure your best possible future and understand all the defense strategies available to you, it is crucial that you contact proper legal counsel without hesitation.

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