Drug Trafficking in Will County

Illinois and specifically Will County, enforces some of the most severe penalties in the nation for drug crimes – especially for drug trafficking charges. It is therefore essential that all Will County drug crimes cases are managed by experienced drug trafficking lawyers. Otherwise you may face the full brunt of the state’s costly fines and lengthy prison sentences. Carefully read the information below concerning Will County drug trafficking charges and contact one of our skilled Will County Drug trafficking lawyers to ensure you have an aggressive defense for your case.

Will County Drug Trafficking Charges and Penalties

Drug trafficking and distribution are illegal on both federal and state levels. The respective laws, however, contain an important difference. Federal law uses the terms “distribution” and “trafficking” synonymously. Because the acts are considered one thing, they are charged as the same offense. Under state law, according to the Illinois Controlled Substance Trafficking Act, 720 ILCS 570/401.1, each term is defined separately, meaning that you can be charged for two separate offenses depending upon the extent of your involvement. “Distribution” refers to the exchange of drugs from the seller to the buyer, while “trafficking” refers to the inter-state transportation of drugs.

Drug Crimes in Illinois

Drug distribution and trafficking laws in Illinois are reputedly aimed most heavily at those who are deeply involved and/or profiting most from the circulation of illicit substances. However, in many cases, those who are involved to a lesser degree can get caught up in major drug busts. It is also important to know that drug trafficking charges can be leveled against you for distributing any amount of drugs, no matter how small. Additionally, the law can apply to those who arrange for the transportation of drugs. In other words, if your only involvement is using a cell phone to provide information to the driver who is actually transporting the drugs, you are still liable to charges. That offense alone carries a fine of $100,000.

For anyone involved, the charges are extremely serious and can jeopardize your entire future and it is important that you contact an experienced Will County Drug Lawyer.

Additionally, law enforcers have a wide range of tactics to uncover drug trafficking activity, including but not limited to government informants, anonymous tips, search warrants, traffic stops, and hits from K-9 units.

Will County Drug Trafficking Sentence

The most serious charges are considered Class X felonies and carry a minimum prison sentence of six years, but a maximum sentence of life in prison. These charges also carry extremely high fines between $75,000 and $1,000,000.

There are a number of charges related to high-end drug trafficking, including money laundering, weapon possession during a drug raid, and even use of a cellular device to aid the trafficking of controlled substances. Convictions for low-end drug trafficking are considered Class 3 felonies, and as such they carry severe penalties, including up to a 10 year prison sentence.

Illinois Drug Crime Attorneys in Will County

It should be clear that drug trafficking cases are highly complex and only a skilled lawyer can manage such cases with proper understanding of the law, as well as knowledge of the tactics employed by enforcers and prosecutors of the law.

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