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Any accusation of criminal activity is a dangerous matter and requires the assistance of a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney. Even a first DUI offense if you are convicted can affect your future employment and result in a suspended license and costly fines. When the crime is more serious, such as a felony offense, you are in serious legal trouble and must act quickly. It is true that you must stay silent after being arrested for any serious criminal offense. Many individuals have damaged their own cases by making comments or statements that are later used as evidence against them in court. Your first step after the arrest should be to contact our firm and get legal counsel to protect you.
Should you choose to represent yourself or use a public defender, you may be writing your own conviction and sentence.

This largely depends on the crimes you have been charged with and if you have a previous record of criminal convictions. Illinois is not entirely lenient, even when it comes to misdemeanors. Offenses such as possession of marijuana less than 30 grams or driving under the influence could still land you with up to $2,500 in fines and jail time up to one year. More severe felonies could result in a lifetime of prison and up to $1 million in fines for some crimes.